About me

I’m Elisa and since I was a little girl I’ve always loved being in the kitchen. We could say that I “absorbed” the passion for cooking and baking from my mom during the long afternoons spent in our kitchen, watching her preparing delicious cakes and succulent meals for our family. It’s my mother that taught me everything I know from the cooking basics to the cake design.

How it all started

Growing up my love of food became bigger and bigger and when I was about 20 years old I decided to quit the uni and follow my dream job working in my mother’s patisserie and cooking school.

During those years I attended lots of pastry and cooking courses and my mum and I shared the “joys and sorrows” of owning a shop. The beautiful part was when our customers were happy and satisfied, the bad times were the long working hours and all the responsibility we had. But we really enjoyed our job and our relationship became stronger and stronger working every single day together for 8 years.

Unfortunately in 2011 my mom passed away because of a tumour so I was left alone to manage the shop. At the beginning it wasn’t easy but for the next 2 years I did a good job and managed everything. It was an experience that formed me professionally and personally.

From Cagliari…to Cambridge!

However in 2013 I took the decision to shut the shop and follow my husband in Cambridge. Here I started a completely different life:
I passed from working 12 hours a day to having lots of free time just for me. It was again a big change!

My Foodie Days

For about one year I simply cooked and baked just for the pleasure of doing it. It was then that I decided to start a food blog to share my recipes and so My Foodie Days was born.

Since then I also became a private chef, cooking at several events in different cities, and developed a strong passion for food photography that is giving me the opportunity to collaborate with some magazines and food brands.

Food Photografy

My first pictures on the blog were awful, I used to shoot them with my iPhone, but after a couple of years I bought a DSLR camera and started improving my photos. I’ve read lots of photography books, attended some workshops and recently I started a photography course to further improve my skills.

What about the future?

It’s really curious how life can change in a few years: only seven years ago I would have never imagined to be here in Cambridge so I don’t really know how my career and my life will change in the next years, you never know what life reserves for you!