During summer I love making salad using  spelt. 

It’s a really versatile cereal  and you can prepare different salads every time just changing the vegetables you add.

Spelt is packed with nutrients that many other kinds of cereal do not contain. It is high in carbohydrates, but its very high levels of protein and fiber  are very impressive as well. It also contains significant levels of iron, magnesium, phosphorus and folic acid, so it’s very good for your health!

Spelt salad with tomato and courgette

Cook Time:20/25 minutes
Servings:4 people


  • spelt ( or pearl barley): 300 grams
  • cherry tomatoes: 250 grams
  • courgettes: 3
  • sundried tomatoes in oil: 6
  • clove of garlic: 1
  • coarse salt: 1 tbsp
  • sea salt (to taste)
  • extra virgin olive oil (as needed)
  • ground pepper (to taste)


  1. Wash thoroughly the spelt under the cold tap water, then put it into a big pan and add 750 milliliters of water for each 100 grams of spelt (or cook it following the instructions on its package), bring to the boil, add a tablespoon of coarse salt and let simmer for about 20/25 minutes.Drain well and leave to cool, then add a little bit of olive oil so the grains won't stick together. Rinsing spelt
  2. Cut the tomatoes in half and season them with oil, salt, pepper and the clove of garlic chopped.Ingredients - Tomatoes, garlic and oil
  3. Slice thinly the courgettes, heat a ridged grill pan until smoking hot and griddle the courgettes in batches, about four minutes per side, being careful not to crowd the grill pan. Ingredients - Grilled courgettes
  4. Cut the courgette's slices into small pieces and mix them with the tomatoes.Cutting tomatoes and courgettes
  5. Add the cooked spelt, mix well, add some oil and serve.