Last week I’ve been invited at the newly opened Soboro Bakery to taste their food. I was so chuffed when they contacted me saying if I would have liked to experience a VIP service!:-)

So on Tuesday I decided to go there for breakfast. When I arrived I asked for Adam, one of the managers, he was really kind and told me to order everything I liked, escorted me to the till and didn’t let me pay for anything. Then he invited me to take a seat and he brought me my breakfast: a delicious slice of chocolate cake with English breakfast tea. The cake was so delicious and fulfilling: a base of moist sponge cake, filled with chocolate ganache and glazed with dark chocolate. OMG! It was the best chocolate cake I’ve ever eaten!

Half an hour later a friend of mine joined me and we tried a lot of other things: a matcha and currant muffin that even her little kid really enjoyed

A slice of a beautiful matcha roll filled with cream and fresh fruit

Some chocolate biscuits, croissants and a lovely fruit and custard tart.

I have to say that everything at Soboro is really amazing and delicious, their cakes and tarts are so perfectly decorated and the staff is very friendly.

The place is sleek but at the same time cosy, you can stay there and enjoy the best treats (everything is served with their wonderful crockery – I love it) while reading a book or working at your PC. 

I’ll be coming back soon and I totally recommend going there.