Sometimes it happens that I prepare a lovely fruit salad but I don’t eat all of it, so I put it into the fridge and the day after I go there and I find out that it’s not very appealing anymore…the fruit is soggy and even the color is not bright like the day before… Here’s the answer: the fruit salad leftovers cake!

I used  my granny’s apple cake recipe replacing the apples with the fruit salad and the result is a fragrant and delicious cake, super easy to prepare!

Fruit cake

Prep Time:15 minutes
Cook Time:45 minutes
Servings:10 people


  • butter at room temperature: 300 grams
  • caster sugar: 400 grams
  • plain flour: 400 grams
  • medium eggs: 6
  • baking powder: 20 grams
  • fruit salad leftovers: 300 grams
  • lemon (freshly grated zest): 1


  1. Cream the butter with the sugar until pale and fluffy. Add the eggs slightly beaten and the flour (sifted with the baking powder) at low speed.
  2. Once you have a smooth batter add the grated zest and the fruit, mix with a rubber spatula and pour the mixture into a round pan lined with baking parchment.
  3. Bake in the preheated oven at 170°Cfor 45 minutes until a skewer inserted in the centre comes out clean.


The fruit cake is perfect just with some icing sugar but it's delicious served with clotted cream, custard or, during the summer, with vanilla ice cream.