Homemade ice lollies are healthier and cheaper than supermarket-bought, perfect for summer and easy to made also with the kids.

These are with fresh fruit, yogurt and just a little sugar! I prepare them every year to a have something sweet to eat after dinner during warm days…and this year in UK the weather is really really hot! So hot that I feel like I was in Sardinia 😀 Sorry, I know everyone is enjoying it a lot, but I hope it won’t last long, I’m hating this heatwave!!!

Homemade ice lollies

Servings:10/12 ice lollies


  • water: 400 grams
  • caster sugar: 160 grams
  • strawberries: 300 grams
  • kiwis: 5
  • natural yogurt: 150 grams


  1. Put the water with the sugar in a pan and boil for 5 minutes. Then let this syrup cool down completely
  2. Purée the strawberries using a hand blender and add 2/3 of the syrup. Fill the ice lolly moulds three-quarters full with the purée and freeze for at least half an hour or until the top will be set. Then push the sticks in and freeze for at least an hour and a half.
  3. Mix the yogurt with some sugar (or leave it sugar free if you prefer) andadd a layer of about 1,5 cm to the top of each lolly and refreeze for 1 hr.
  4. Peel the kiwis and cut the green flesh away from the white core, discarding the core. Purée the flesh. Add a layer of about 1cm to the top of each lolly and freeze for a night or until you want to eat them.