Clementine, Jerusalem artichoke and smoked salmon salad

Sweet, light and super tasty this salad is perfect for winter. Why not preparing it for Christmas? Drizzled with an easy clementine dressing it’s great served as a starter or side dish.

What you’ll need:

  • Clementines – full of Vitamin C they are in season from November till February, so now it’s the perfect time for using them.
  • Jerusalem artichokes – they are in season too, they have a delicate flavour and add a lovely crunchiness to the salad.
  • Smoked salmon – it’s goes so well with clementines!
  • Pomegranate – adds lots of colour and flavour.
  • Fresh Dill – it’s delicious with salmon.
  • Rocket or bistro salad leaves .
  • Lemon, salt and pepper – for the dressing

When I make salads I always prepare all the ingredients in advance and then I assemble the dish just before serving. Especially when there’s a dressing that could make the salad soggy. So, for the clementine salad I slice the clementines, then I peel the Jerusalem artichoke and put it already sliced into a bowl full of water and lemon juice. Then I slice the smoked salmon and get all the other ingredients ready. I also make the dressing and keep it in a jar in the fridge so, just minutes before serving I arrange everything on a plate and drizzle over the dressing.

Clementine and Jerusalem artichoke salad - close up

The clementine, Jerusalem artichoke and smoked salmon salad is perfect served with savoury biscuits or slices of rye bread spread with salted butter.

Clementine, Jerusalem artichoke and smoked salmon salad

Prep Time:20 minutes
Servings:4 people


  • Salad
  • clementines: 8
  • smoked salmon: 300 grams
  • Jerusalem artichoke: 200 grams
  • salad leaves , rocket or bistro salad: 150 grams
  • lemons: 1
  • fresh dill , chopped: 1 tbsp
  • pomegranate seeds: 2 tbsp
  • Dressing
  • lemons: 1
  • clementines: 2
  • extra virgin olive oil: 4 tbsp
  • ground pepper , to taste
  • salt , to taste


  1. Peel the 8 clementines and slice them into 1 cm thick rounds.
  2. Wash the Jerusalem artichokes under running water brushing them to get rid of any dirt. Peel the skins off using a potato peeler and slice them into thin slices using a sharp knife or a mandolin. Put the slices into a bowl filled with cold water and the juice of 1 lemon.
  3. Slice the smoked salmon into strips about 1 cm wide.
  4. Wash and drain well the salad leaves then start assembling the salad.
  5. Drain the Jerusalem artichoke slices and mix them with the salad leaves then scatter on serving plate. Arrange the clementine slices on top and the salmon strips.
  6. Prepare the dressing: juice the 2 clementines and the lemon, pass the juice through a sieve then add the extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper to taste and mix well using a small balloon whisk.
  7. Drizzle the dressing over the salad, add the pomegranate seeds and the chopped dill and serve.Clementine salad - header